Art Direction. Graphic Design. Illustration. Animation. Mobile. Publishing.

I have Art-Directed, Illustrated and Designed over 500 album covers, book covers, packages, and posters. My clients have included Lakeshore Records, Warner Bros., Voltage Pictures, The Weinstein Company, NBC, Paramount Pictures, Invada Records, Bold, Spectrevision, Amoeba Records, Oscilloscope, and many more. I am also a Production Manager. Most of the projects you'll see on this site were taken from concept to finished, manufactured goods by me. If there is a project I can help you with, I'd love to hear from you:

Here's Volume 1 of the Mr. Robot soundtrack album. For this project I created all of the illustrations and designed the packaging. It's a slipcase CD with an 8 page booklet. The concept was born from conversations with the series' creator, Sam Esmail. We asked ourselves "What would a Mr. Robot video game look like if it were created in the 80s?"

GO BEHIND THE SCENES: Check out this interview with me at Film Music Daily for an in-depth look at the process of creating the package! CLICK HERE


There's a lot of easter eggs in the booklet for fans of the show. Lots of poking fun, too, at the limitations of 8 bit video games. My favorite is the compact disc icon. It's trying so hard to be circular!

Here's a lyric video I made for the song "Montage" from the film Swiss Army Man. This was a really fun project to work on. The crazy energy and primal lyrics of the song leant itself perfectly my naturally messy handwriting. This project was created for Lakeshore Records and A24.


Here's a pic of all the animation cells in the video. Some lyrics took quite a few takes to get right (typos! stumbling fingers!). Timing the animation so it synced with the lyrics was the most time-consuming (haha) part of the process. Individual brushstrokes were time-stretched and compressed with After Effects. Almost every stroke had to be sped-up or slowed down (my After Effects timeline had over 300 layers). A few people have asked me how I did the writing without showing my hands. "Did you use a green screen?" Nope! I used a Cloak Of Invisibility!

Here's a few projects I Illustrated, Designed, and/or Art Directed over the past few years. Click or tap on any image to make it bigger and to scroll through the gallery.